Thank you for taking the time to learn about 727 Threads.

As a little girl, my sweet great Grandma Molly would babysit me. One of the ways that she would keep me entertained was by teaching me the different stitch types using two white washcloths, thread and a needle. From there, I took on every creative opportunity that I could. Whether it was sewing, baking, woodwork, carving, building forts, selling wildflower bouquets or scripting the neighbor talent shows, I was in.

Later I was blessed with having Jean in my life. We would make gifts and I would help her make some sellable items. She inspired me a great deal. One day she left for the weekend and when she returned, I showed her a teddy bear with moving arms and legs that I made without a pattern. She was so amazed and her reaction helped me recognize and empower that I may actually have a craft for creativity.

In my early adult years, I was a part of building Coast to Coast Silk Screening for about 10 years. We started in a chicken coop with a 4 color manual silk screening press in Ringwood, NJ and grew to an 8 color automatic press with 3 locations in Rutland, VT.

With the influence of my old partner, who has remained in the industry since we began back in 1996, I decided to reopen my creative outlet and opened 727 Threads.

I greatly appreciate all those who have helped me in my journey and to those who will become apart as I continue to learn and grow. 727 Threads is dedicated to providing an utmost superb product.

You can reach us directly by e-mail or by giving us a call at 727-221-0030.